Notes from ANC6B Subcommittee on Hine School Redevelopment – January 18, 2012

Attendance:  Kirsten Oldenburg, David Garrison, Julia Christian, Ivan Frishberg, Brian Pate, Brian Flahaven, Jared Critchfield, Bill Pate, Roger Tauss, Ken Jarboe.

1.  Updates.

Transportation:  Commissioner Oldenburg reported on the 1/13/12 meeting with DDOT staff.  That meeting was summarized in separate notes, but the subcommittee did discuss several concerns including the problem of lack of study on neighborhood streets such as 9th Street and the need for the community to understand the impacts of increased volume along streets, not just the impact at intersections.

It was reported that Commissioner Oldenburg will prepare a draft letter to DDOT to inform the revised scoping document for the phase 2 transportation study to be conducted by the developers.  That study will be the final study presented to OP and DDOT 45 days prior to the Zoning Commission hearing.

Office of Planning:  Commissioner Frishberg reported on the 1/4/12 meeting with the Office of Planning.  That meeting has been summarized in separate notes.  The main topics included the possible date for the Setdown Report (initially thought to be on 1/30/12, but now tentatively scheduled for 2/13/12 according to Stanton Eastbanc), the letter that ANC6B sent to the Office of Planning regarding missing information from the PUD filing, and concerns about the relevance of the LDDA in the Zoning Commission process.

Meeting with Stanton Eastbanc:  Commissioner Frishberg reported on the 1/16/12 meeting with the development team.  That meeting has been summarized in greater detail in separate notes.  Highlights include:

  1. The Set down report is now under consideration by OP staff for the 13th of February.
  2. The shadow study will be completed and available on the 27th of January.
  3. The noise study will be completed and available the first week of February.
  4. The final transportation study will be completed and available mid March.
  5. A three dimensional physical model has been ordered and will be available for the community some time in February.  The committee and the developers discussed placement at the Hill Center in a publicly accessible location.

During the meeting with the developers we identified several possible working groups that the developers were anxious to begin working with.  Those included Transportation, Retail and Public Space.

At the conclusion of the meeting the developers stated that they would like to come to closure with the ANC on the two key agreements (Construction and benefits/amenities) in time to be able to accommodate an April hearing of the Zoning Commission.

Technical Assessment Working Group:  Commissioner Pate presented a draft chart for outlining where the developers have met or not met the requests of the HP staff and board.  Commissioner Pate also presented a draft summary of the benefits outlined in the PUD and some notes on a possible response.

2.  Discussion of new working groups.

The Subcommittee discussed the creation of several additional working groups to keep moving various topics along the process.  The initial discussion arrived at a consensus that working groups should first be undertaking an information gathering mission and then be working with the full subcommittee and then the Commission to refine our list of positions for negotiation with the developers.

The matter of management of the working groups was considered and it was agreed that with one or two people taking on the leadership of each working group, it would be up to that person or persons to take the lead on scheduling, and to keep all subcommittee members informed, but not slow the process down by undertaking a group scheduling process.

The following working groups were created:

  • Retail, led by Julia Christian with Ken Jarboe assisting.  This group will focus on all the aspects of retail in the project including mix and location, and its impact on the neighborhood.
  • Public Space, led by Commissioner Pate and Monte Edwards (recommended in his absence), which will consider all aspects of public space on the project including the use, ownership and management of the proposed public space and evaluation of the public space that has been lost to the project.
  • Transportation, led by Commissioner Oldenburg, which will include all assessment of transportation impacts and mitigation as well as the negotiation of the Construction Management plan.
  • Benefits and Amenities, led by Commissioners Frishberg and Garrison, which will take the lead in developing proposed benefits and amenities to be negotiated with the developers.
  • Design, for which both Gary Peterson and Stephen Sweeney were suggested in their absence.  This work group will look at all aspects of the design of the project.

Two groups, Technical Analysis and Outreach will continue.

3.  Online Survey.
After some discussion of the proposed online survey, a consensus was reached that Commissioner Garrison and Bill Pate would under take a revised version of the online form focusing only on broader questions of ‘concerns’ and ‘amenities and benefits’ that could be solicited.  The subcommittee clarified that the intent of this is to enable our web site to solicit general feedback and opinions from the public, but not to create any quantified or comprehensive reflection of public sentiment.

Commissioner Garrison and Bill Pate will circulate their revisions to the full subcommittee for review.

4.  Scheduling.

The subcommittee discussed the suggested April hearing date that was raised by the Stanton Eastbanc team.  While it was considered an ambitious schedule, Commissioner Pate walked through the schedule outline presented at the first meeting and found that for many items we were on schedule while some items were either behind or soon to be behind.  The most pressing of assignments as far as our schedule is the development of the list of mitigation requests and proposed benefits and amenities for discussion with the developers.

The subcommittee tentatively scheduled Thursday the 26th of January for the next meeting of the subcommittee to discuss amenities and benefits (meeting was not publicly noticed in time to meet that date and will be re-proposed for Monday, January 30).

Follow up items discussed were:
–    Scheduling of the meeting with the Deputy Mayor’s office to discuss environmental review, the schedule for the PUD and the City’s requirements, and the benefits contained in the LDDA.
–    Follow up with Maxine Brown-Roberts with regard to the new ZC schedule.
–    Follow up with Steve Calcott to discuss the list of recommendations from HP ? staff and the Board.

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PUD Assesment Brief from 12/14 Subcommittee Meeting

The Subcommittee met Wednesday evening (12/14). Below is a link to the brief for the meeting outlining the overall assessment of the Hine PUD application.


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MEETING NOTICE: 12/14/11 at 7PM

The ANC6B Sub-Committee on the Hine Development will hold a working meeting on Wednesday December 14th at 7pm to review the progress of the working groups and further develop its plans for participation in the PUD process. The meeting will be held in the 3rd floor conference room of the Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE.

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